The development of a multi-million-dollar construction project requires a team of experts, and most organizations do not have that knowledge-base and skill level on staff. Hometown Health Centers engaged TW&A as its partner to manage an $8 million building initiative that would bring a state-of-the-art dental center to the city of Schenectady. I can say now that this effort is not only a successful construction project, but also a one-of-a-kind dental practice that serves thousands of children and families in a community of need. Their hard work and determination helped to create beauty and hope in an area that will greatly benefit from growth. Hometown put its trust in the talented people at TW&A, and they delivered.

Joe Gambino – CEO, Hometown Health Centers

The team at TW&A were incredible partners in the construction of our new office building during a particularly unusual year. They were with us from beginning to end as we navigated through a pandemic. Despite the challenges, their collaboration and expertise not only kept us on track, but offered the reassurance and positivity we needed to keep moving.

I am a strong believer in relationships and trust, and we unwaveringly entrusted TW&A to guide the way on this project. As Tom eloquently stated during our ribbon cutting, “this new building now stands symbolically as a monument to human perseverance, fortitude and ingenuity.” It will also help us have an even greater impact on our community.

Alex Tronco – Managing Partner, Northwestern Mutual

For us at Martin, Harding & Mazzotti , working with TW&A was the final piece in having a successful outcome for the renovation and design of our office building.  I think the mistake many people make is thinking that their own skill sets and/or those of their contractor extend a little further than they actually do.  Without having TW&A manage the construction project, many things would have gotten lost in the shuffle and the final product would not have fully meet our expectations. I would fully endorse TW&A and hire them for any future construction project.

Paul Harding – Managing Partner of Martin, Harding and Mazzotti

TW&A was indispensable in completing an out-of-state retail project on time and on budget. Mr. Wilson has the experience to negotiate the most complex of construction contracts, and provides an owner with confidence that the building will get built as promised. Without TWA’s help, our project would have never turned out as successful as it did, and we will not hesitate to call on TWA’s expertise in the future.

Randall J. Sperring – O’Brien Kiernan Investment Co.

We could not have navigated the process of a new building without the expertise of the TW&A team.  From analyzing the offers from the potential landlords through the final punch list items, TW&A has been there to teach us and guide us through the process.  Our building was finished on time during COVID because of the knowledge of the team and the structure they provided to the project.  Thanks to Tom, Perri, Kristin and Ray for making this beautiful building possible!!

Sandy Harding –  CFO, Northwestern Mutual

Most excellent – that’s what I say about TW&A!! Not only did TW&A come highly recommended when we checked the firm’s credentials, but it has far exceeded our expectations given the number of different transactions involving the Authority. TW&A protects us as Owner, when we are undertaking our own construction projects. We rely on TW&A for construction observation services, when we are a take-out Lender. TW&A safeguards the Authority’s investments, inspects the job site often as construction monitor, when the Authority provides construction financing while buildings are demolished and/or being erected. When it comes to Program Management, TW&A evaluate our projects during the design and construction phases and advises the Authority on cost and constructability implications of design decisions. TW&A is without question, an affordable, experienced, first-rate firm!

Jayme Lahut – Executive Director, Metroplex Development Authority

I have utilized the services of TW&A for nearly 10 years and have found their integrative approach to customer needs to be extraordinary. They are very quick to respond to client needs, but will also dedicate the time needed to guarantee both the developer and lender have substantive and accurate information. I highly recommend TW&A to any lender needing construction monitoring services.

Dan Fariello – President, Capital Bank

The City of Schenectady completed a LEED certified 25 million dollar Public Works Facilities construction project. The project included demolition of approximately 80,000 sq ft of existing buildings, the remediation of 42,000 tons of contaminated soils and the construction of 8 buildings totaling 137,000 sq ft which covered 2 entire city blocks. All management and oversight of the project was performed by TW&A who managed a team of dedicated and hardworking construction companies, subcontractors and city staff.

As General Services Commissioner with the City of Schenectady I am regularly involved in complex multimillion dollar construction projects. This project by far being the most complex job that I have ever been involved in, came in within budget and months ahead of schedule. Thanks to the entire team…but mostly to TW&A, for keeping it all on track.

I was extremely impressed with TW&A’s attention to detail, particularly with cost accounting and control, management of RFI’s, and change orders as well as scheduling of all the work. With a job this complex, even with detailed advanced planning and design, hundreds of change orders and scheduling conflicts had to be managed and negotiated to keep the work on budget and ahead of schedule. TW&A created a very effective TEAM environment, where excuses for poor performance were not tolerated by the rest of the team. From the very first kick off meeting and throughout the projects life, it was clear that TW&A was in charge, and in complete control of this huge effort. As a result, the outcome was outstanding and I was extremely impressed with TW&A’s performance. In addition, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation formally recognized the “outstanding efforts” associated with the project (see attached DEC letter) which is largely attributable to TW&A and their outstanding team building approach!!

Carl Olsen – Former Commissioner of General Services, City of Schenectady

They know construction and what it takes to keep a project moving forward in a positive direction. While they always have the owner’s best interest as their primary objective, they understand that a quality project depends on all team members being successful. This includes the CM, the Design Team, the contractors and subcontractors. They create a sense of teamwork and pride that transfers directly to a quality product.

Thomas L. O’Brien, P.E. – Senior Vice President, CHA Companies

I would like to personally recommend TW&A as a Construction Manager. As a consultant, Tom is detailed oriented, keeps the goal always in the forefront, and is lots of fun to work with – this is very important because construction can be stressful and a little levity goes a long way. If you hire TW&A you won’t regret it, and you will end up congratulating yourself for making the “right decision”.

Sharon A. Jordan – Former Chief of Staff, Mayor Brian U. Stratton

TW&A has been and still is instrumental in the revitalization of Downtown Schenectady. Tom Wilson understands the procedures involved with projects from the planning stages thru completion. He works well with planners, architects, engineers, inspectors and developers. He has an outstanding ability to coordinate all efforts so that projects are completed in a timely manner.

Peggy Chesebrough – formerly with Schenectady Metroplex Development Authority

TW&A served as owner’s representative for our construction project at 578 Loudon Road in Latham, NY in 2006-2007. During that time, Tom Wilson attended countless construction meetings, was extremely attentive to our needs as well as the builder’s needs, and helped coordinate with the architectural and site plan firms. With that in mind, he kept all parties involved honest, and as a result, the entire process went very smoothly. I would highly recommend TW&A.

Nuhar Jaleel – PT, Pilates Principle

Having never worked with a construction management company before, I will say that bringing TW&A Construction Management on board was the best decision I made with regard to our company’s latest project! Recognizing the wealth of knowledge and attention to detail that Tom possesses, I not only brought TW&A on to manage construction, but had Tom be a part of the design and pre-construction phases of the project. His input early on resulted in our building becoming one of the most recognizable buildings in our area!

A master of negotiation, Tom, with the help of his entire team, bid out, hired, managed and completed the project below budget and on time. The entire TW&A team was incredibly responsive to our needs and requests at every point of this project. As a businessman with my “plate full” running a demanding business during the undertaking of the project, it was invaluable for me to be able to trust the TW&A team to make sure the building was being built as it was intended! It was equally important to have such a talented group of professionals being my intermediary with the many subcontractors that worked on this project.

Creating a $10 million + building is a serious undertaking. Keeping things light and having fun during the process is yet another important aspect of management that Tom brought to the table and believes is important! Appreciative of the levity that put any challenges we encountered in perspective, I couldn’t agree more!

I look forward to future projects with Tom and TW&A …

William J. Socha – President, Socha Management, Inc.

TW&A are true program and construction managers. They get involved from the onset of a project and keep the owner, design team and other stakeholders moving in the right direction. TW&A’s knowledge of construction provides the owner and design team with the benefit of value engineering input during the project programming stage which results in more cost effective and streamlined design process. During construction they are great at building a team atmosphere between the owner, design team and contractors. TW&A always have the owner’s best interest in mind but are fair to all the team members. MJ has worked with TW&A on vertical construction, highway construction and land development projects throughout the Capital District. It is always a pleasure to work on a project team with TW&A.

Chris Dooley – Partner, M.J. Engineering and Land Surveying, P.C.

The Lower State Street redevelopment project was my first opportunity to work with TW&A. I trust it won’t be my last and now look forward to each future project together.

Unsure at first, the staff at TW&A quickly proved they were there to insure the project was a success, on ALL fronts! The numerous stakeholders on the project were varied with sometimes competing interests, but Tom Wilson and TW&A’s staff’s team building and forward thinking approach allowed everyone to work as a unified team toward a common goal. Throughout the project they made sure everyone’s interests were fairly represented at all times. Their guidance and oversight fostered a sense of collaboration that allowed a challenging project to stay on track. This project was technically complex and had numerous opportunities for delays and cost overruns. TW&A’s team made sure that didn’t happen. Weekly team meetings throughout the course of a year-long design and construction process were always well attended, because everyone knew the meetings would have an important impact on their role and the project’s ultimate success. Notably, even during times of critical decision-making and difficult negotiations, TW&A was able to bring the perfect blend of focus and levity.

Owner’s, contractors and consultants should embrace any opportunities they have to work with TW&A on a project, they won’t be disappointed!

Joseph S. Grasso, R.L.A. – Vice President, Project Manager, CHA ~ design/construction solutions

The great work TW&A is doing in Downtown Schenectady is not limited to quality construction and capital improvements. Through their advocacy and leadership they are also helping to rebuild lives. They have helped make the Downtown Ambassadors program a national model and, in the process, are helping many men and women re-enter the workplace. We are grateful for their help, and honored to have TW&A as our partners and friends.

Michael Saccocio – Executive Director, City Mission of Schenectady

Over the past two years I have worked closely with Tom on one of the most challenging, and most rewarding experiences of my 30 plus year career as a design architect; Socha Plaza. I know that it has been Tom’s appreciation of good architecture, and his consistent commitment to detail, that was instrumental in the project’s success. From the very start of the design process, to the final completion of construction, Tom was supportive, and even insistent that the architectural quality would not be compromised. Today TW&A can be, and should be, very proud of this building. It stands to be a testament to the extraordinary commitment from TW&A, the owner, and to the many other professionals that contributed to a truly remarkable addition the town of Scohia Glenville.

Paul Benoit AIA – Design Architect

Over the last several years, I have had the opportunity to work with TW&A in various capacities. With respect to my role as a lending officer at NBT Bank, TW&A acted in a Construction Monitoring role for the bank on several multi-million dollar projects locally. TW&A’s vast experience in Construction Management enables them to proactively identify potential issues and provide insightful solutions thereby aiding in the successful completion of these projects. TW&A’s ability to work within tight timelines while at the same time performing thoughtful analysis of complex projects results in the Bank receiving meaningful reports and recommendations in a timely manner.

I have also worked with TW&A in the role of Owner’s Representative with Hometown Health where I chair the board of directors. I have found TW&A to be extremely knowledgeable and resourceful. They possess the unique ability to bring out the best in a project team through communication and leadership. I would highly recommend and look forward to working with TW&A in the future. They have become a vital resource for Hometown Health!

William B. Faubion – Vice President, Senior Commercial Relationship Manager, NBT Bank

First Niagara has been utilizing TW&A for over three years. The company’s construction consulting work is of the highest quality and is provided at a very reasonable cost. The quality of the firm’s work is particularly notable given the turnaround time of their work!

Andrew Zanotta – Former SVP, First Niagara Bank